Douglas S. Benson

Hi! D.S. Benson here. I normally answer to Doug Benson or “Hey!” but so does a well-known comedian. Sometimes I get calls for the other Doug Benson late at night from stoners. He’s never around, though.

I work with startups, do management consulting, and serve on the Board of Directors for CounterPULSE, an innovative and long-established arts organization in San Francisco. I spend my free time writing novels, and composing & recording electro-acoustic music.

In 2012-2014, I was co-founder and COO for a gaming startup, Lanica, Inc., developing a cross-platform mobile framework and associated tools as well as leading game porting efforts for Lanica clients. Lanica’s Platino game engine was sold to Black Gate Games.

Before that, I spent 15+ years managing software development teams, most recently as Senior Director of Product Development at Adobe Systems, leading the engineering team for Adobe Flash Professional as well as starting new projects such as Adobe Edge Animate. I was responsible at various times for leading FreeHand, Fireworks, Dreamweaver and Flash, as well as Macromedia Suites and assorted technologies. Before that, I created a cross-product user interface group that standardized user experience among Macromedia products, and I’ve authored and co-authored many patents.

I’ve been a featured keynote speaker and have spoken at numerous conferences including Adobe MAX, Flashforward, Macromedia UCON, Macworld and NAB, as well as teaching master classes at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. I’m passionate about family and friends, writing, software and a lot of geeky technical stuff, creativity, music and the arts.

In addition to a successful software development career, I managed to record and release a wildly unknown sketch comedy record album (Master Martian Broadcast Company’s The  Secret Files), write travelogues and short stories, compose music for several computer games (Gridders, Nanotek), record a few albums worth of electro-acoustic music (available here), write novels, have a great marriage and father two terrific guys.

I grew up in Dallas, Texas and now live in northern California where the summer temperatures are far more pleasant. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and attended the Stanford Executive Institute (a short mini-MBA program for tech execs).

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