book club questions: HARRISON TWEED


book club 2

  1. Lacey’s story is revealed slowly throughout the book, and her full blood relationship to Harris is not explained until the end. What do the final revelations explain about Harris’ concerns and motivations throughout the novel?
  2. Harris’ parents are barely present, but the impact of their decision to leave him over each summer is fundamental to Harris’ fears and character development. How does your understanding of his parents change by the end of the book?
  3. There are many misdirections and plot reversals throughout the book, and Harris often speaks or acts out of an incorrect understanding of what’s going on. How does his confusion relate to the reader’s experience?
  4. The author does not explicitly state whether the visions Harris experiences are real or hallucinations. As a reader, what do you believe? How does leaving this up to the reader impact the way you experience the book?
  5. Harris’ “inner voice” is very different from the way he interacts with others. How would you describe Harris based on his thoughts vs. his interactions?
  6. Harris’ thoughts are often fragmented as if the reader is inside his head, rather than using devices such as italics or explanatory words such as “he thought.” What effect did this have on you as a reader?
  7. How does the author balance the fantastical or hallucinatory elements of the story with the rough physical experiences Harris goes through?
  8. All of the main characters keep secrets and motivations hidden throughout most of the book. Compare that to real life.
  9. Discuss how the author uses cloth as a symbol. What other symbols or themes does the author explore?