Dr. Dre’s “Compton”

Compton – get it on iTunes

I didn’t really start listening to Hip Hop/Rap seriously until I was considerably older than the people in that stupid article that made the rounds a while back. You know, the one that said people stop listening to new music once they hit their 30’s. Hell, so much of what I listen to now wasn’t even on my radar in my 30’s. Not that I like everything coming out now, but I’ve never been one to like everything current. Sometimes it takes some distance, you know?

Anyway, I picked up Dr. Dre’s new (and final?) album, Compton. Apart from the very unfunny “skit” on one song involving a murder—and I just skip right past that. No sense in listening to that crap more than once—the rest of the album is fan-freaking-tastic from start to finish. I swear some of it’s the best-produced, most detailed music I’ve ever heard in Hip-Hop.

I know Dre’s done awesome work over the years, though I’m particularly partial to his more recent, mature work. The earlier stuff is mostly too Gangsta for me (though I like most of 2001). What can I say? I grew up in a different space, and some of the more aggressive, misogynistic lyrics bother me a lot more than the violent/drug lyrics that seem more societal commentary.

But Dre’s a contemporary of mine, age-wise. Adult Contemporary Rap, they should call it. He’s matured, and my tastes just keep getting broader and broader.

Highly recommended, even if you’re not a huge fan of the genre.

phone call for doug benson

Here’s a great phone message that was meant for Doug Benson, stoner comedian known for “Super High Me,” “Getting Doug With High,” “Doug Love Movies” and other works of comedy gold:

If you know him, pass it on. Nate loves you, and he says he’s a great guy!



This is the “me” version of Doug Benson:


and here’s stoner comedian Doug Benson:

“Doug Benson by Gage Skidmore” by Gage Skidmore – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

He’s a bit older than me, but my picture is more recent.

Well, sure, it’s a super unique name, right? There are only about 200 of us in the U.S. over the age of 13.

There are about 250 Bill Clintons. I imagine they get a lot of phone calls from cigar aficionados.