Cool Moms Book Club

Cool Moms Book Club

Last night I took a 15-minute stroll down the hill to join about 15 awesome people at the Cool Moms Book Club for the end of their latest book discussion. The moms and their kids (boys around 13 years) read my book HARRISON TWEED!

It was great fun for me to hear their feedback (all of it very positive, definitely thoughtful and meaningfully critical), answer questions about the book and the writing process, and read a short excerpt.

book club 1

And of course, dessert—including theme-appropriate marshmallows amid several bits of book-inspired cloth. The host wore tweed, naturally!

book club 5

I’m very fond of young Harris and hope to see him continue his adventures as he enters high school. Meanwhile, the discussion showed the book being enjoyed by both a young adult audience as well as their moms!

book club 2

I was very impressed by the thoughtful comments as well. Seems like the Book Club Questions I put together for the event were helpful. Definitely interested in doing more events like this, and I was thrilled to be the invited guest!

Have a  book club or other group? Want to read this book? I’d be happy to get the book to you in iBooks or Kindle form and speak to your book club if you’re in the Bay Area, or over Skype. It’s fun!



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