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I didn’t really start listening to Hip Hop/Rap seriously until I was considerably older than the people in that stupid article that made the rounds a while back. You know, the one that said people stop listening to new music once they hit their 30’s. Hell, so much of what I listen to now wasn’t even on my radar in my 30’s. Not that I like everything coming out now, but I’ve never been one to like everything current. Sometimes it takes some distance, you know?

Anyway, I picked up Dr. Dre’s new (and final?) album, Compton. Apart from the very unfunny “skit” on one song involving a murder—and I just skip right past that. No sense in listening to that crap more than once—the rest of the album is fan-freaking-tastic from start to finish. I swear some of it’s the best-produced, most detailed music I’ve ever heard in Hip-Hop.

I know Dre’s done awesome work over the years, though I’m particularly partial to his more recent, mature work. The earlier stuff is mostly too Gangsta for me (though I like most of 2001). What can I say? I grew up in a different space, and some of the more aggressive, misogynistic lyrics bother me a lot more than the violent/drug lyrics that seem more societal commentary.

But Dre’s a contemporary of mine, age-wise. Adult Contemporary Rap, they should call it. He’s matured, and my tastes just keep getting broader and broader.

Highly recommended, even if you’re not a huge fan of the genre.


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  1. Your comment about appreciating different music hit home. I had never particularly been a Beatles fan other than humming a few bars now and then of a sort-of-familiar tune.

    Then a couple of years ago while visiting son and daughter-in-law, they induced me to play some game that I’d never heard of—I forget the name of it–where I was singing and reading the lyrics and music score, one of us was playing the drums, and another was, I think, playing the guitar. The idea was to rack up points by staying closely to the music as scored.

    The music was all Beatles songs, so they said. And doggone it if it wasn’t until then, 50 years after the Beatles became world famous, that this aged grandmother finally and truly appreciated the intricacies of their music. What a revelation! What a delight!

    Maybe I couldn’t have truly appreciated their creativity until then, I don’t know. But they just got another fan—and now I’m sure of what I like about their music. How about that!

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