Soundable Songs

Soundable SongsSoundable Songs is my latest song collection. It’s still a work in progress, so I’ve only uploaded the songs that are complete. As with “Neon Bus God,” the title is an anagram of my name. I’m going for a more polished sound (yeah, it’s a relative concept) with most of these pieces, though the genres vary.

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Composition, all instruments and all vocals by D.S. Benson except where indicated.

Song Info:

looking for the light cover photo
Looking For The Light: a little ditty about a vampire. I guess the moral is “Be careful what you wish for.” Daniel Jacobson played the drums.

The Dunes: a dark Western story about a couple on an ill-fated camping trip. The vocoder effect on the chorus vocals was fun to do. Listen with headphones and hear the vocals on the choruses and at the ending turn into thunder.

small me cover photo
Small Me: a simple song about small-minded folk. This one gets kinda proggy. I hear echoes of Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons and Steve Hackett.

Tomorrow's Gonna Be A Great Day cover photo
Tomorrow’s Gonna Be A Great Day: Perhaps it’s better to listen to this little slice of optimism and not really think about the sadness behind the lyrics. But it’s about a guy visiting a certain observation platform on September 10th, 2001, and looking forward to returning there the next day for his big job interview.

the way out cover photo
The Way Out: As in, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” Written in the aftermath of a particularly painful company layoff.

King of Western Swing-Cover
The King Of Western Swing: Well, I ain’t no Bob Wills, but I’ve visited his “penescent” monument. Yeah, it’s kinda mean. I used samples of myself sawing around on a cheap old violin that I borrowed from my grandfather, back when I had a grandfather and he had a cheap old violin.

I Love You I Do cover photo
I Love You, I Do: Every twenty-five years I write a love song for Marci. So, uh, I’ve written two of them. The first got her to marry me. This is the second. Sure it’s personal, but it’s still a good song.

oh dios mio cover photo
Oh Dios Mio: Oh, if you speak just a little Spanish you’ll have fun translating this dirty ditty! My Spanish is terrible, and so are the lyrics to this song. “Dios mio, mis testiculos son muy grandes…”

Three Feet Tall:  I wrote this for my nephew, Charlie, seen here floating in space. Sometimes you feel so good, you feel almost three feet tall! 

That’s When Shit Gets Real:  I like the cover art: “Kilroy was here” meets giant Kanagawa wave. Just when things are looking up, that’s when shit gets real. I enjoyed going overboard on the production with this one, just like a giant wave.