QueryTracker is excellent!

After a shamefully long absence, I re-upped my subscription to QueryTracker — for writers seeking an agent (which is a rather Sisyphean task), it’s a great way to find agent contacts that match your project, and also to keep track of where you’ve submitted your work. The site also does a rating system and has a back-end database so you can see how long on average it takes agents to give various types of responses.

Does it work? Will it help me find a book agent? I have no idea. I’ll let you know if anything comes of it. But it’s very well done, and had a recent site redesign. It’s quite nice to look at and to work with, and at the “Pro” level it only costs $25 a year. For that small amount, it’s well worth supporting the guy who takes care of the site. Clearly he puts a lot of work into it.


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